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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Getting Ready

In the mirror, senior Haley Wilson straightens her hair in the dressing room before getting into costume. "I felt nervous," Wilson said. "This is our last ART show, so I was nervous and excited."

In the sound booth, sophomore Ezra Peach and junior Sean Ingram perform mic checks before the A.R.T show begins. "I've always liked being on tech and being able to help behind the scenes," Peach said. "Being on the stage is fun, but being on tech is a different experience."


As he looks to the floor, senior Zach Setzcorn mics himself as he gets ready to perform the A.R.T. Musical. "My first ever show I realized my first words were hello and welcome," Setzcorn said, "Then my last ever words in this show were goodbye."


Life is...Pandemonium!


Hands to the sky, the A.R.T. cast perform their group song at the beginning of the musical. "Having a show with all seniors is crazy because most of us have been doing theater together since middle school" senior Claire Winston said.